Double vs. Triple Glazing Options

sliding closet doorWith the introduction of glazing options for door and window panes, many homeowners have had to say goodbye to all their huge energy bills. Of the three popular glazing options (single, double, and triple), double glazing has enjoyed a massive popularity ever since they made a resurgence in Europe back in the late 1800s. In more modern times, triple glazing is becoming a popular option in many building and renovations projects; they are just some scenarios where double glazing just isn’t enough. The question to ask is: Does an extra pane make that much of a difference? Let us find out by comparing the two.


When it comes to costs, double glazing is the cheaper option, even though triple glazing will save you somewhere between 2 to 3 percent when it comes to heating bills. This does not really seem like a worthy investment in the long run if your bills aren’t that high, but if they are, you will notice a significant difference.


Windows and sliding doors that have triple glazed glass are tougher and longer lasting than double glazed windows. This is because they are much heavier than their double glazed counter parts and require much stronger frames to compensate for the extra weight, which enhances there durability.

Safety and Security

Due to the fact that triple glazed doors and windows are stronger, it makes them that much harder to break. This means that they are safer (in case of glass related accidents) and burglars will have a tougher time trying to break them. This is a big benefit because you can’t really put a price on peace of mind.

Sound Reduction

The extra pane in triple glazed doors and windows prevent noise penetration even more, which protects your home from the disruption caused by external sounds better than double glazing can. With a few more enhancements to the glazing materials, triple glazing can offer even better sound reduction.

Natural Light

When it comes to providing more natural light, double glazing glass allows more natural light to enter. This is due to the additional layer of gas and glass pane that reduce the amount of natural light penetration. In the long run this may have a significant impact on your energy bill in terms of lighting.


Your location is also a big determinant; if you live in areas where the climate gets really cold, then triple glazing are the best option to provide you with the comfort that you need. The extra gas filled layer adds extra insulation, which prevents more heat loss as well as increasing the amount of heat the windows can trap during the cold months.

It seems triple glazing windows offer slightly more benefits that the investment my pay off if you are so keen on getting the best performance or live in very cold areas. But if you have budgetary constraints, double glazed windows and doors have been doing a spectacular job for years. The upside is that if you don’t want to break the bank on triple glazing, you can just install a few of them in the most vulnerable areas.


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