Dentox Botox Courses Provide Best Possible Return On Investment

Allergan BotoxCompared with other courses and the huge equipment purchases they require, Dentox courses provide the best possible return on investment or ROI (see ‘Allergan Botox Training‘). There’s virtually no liability and you make a profit if you treat as few as three patients per year. Even better, you get back your investment in the course when you’ve treated your first patient.

Let’s look at the numbers even more closely for some additional Dentox ROI information.

You can make $1,000 profit on every vial of Botox you buy, and you can get a vial with 100 units in it for $580. And it takes just five minutes or so to inject 100 units. Got that? So if you use just one vial every month, you can make $240,000 in 20 hours.

What? Maybe we left out a few crucial steps.

Over a career of an estimated 20 years — or 240 months — you’d spend only 20 hours of your life treating with Botox if it takes five minutes per treatment. That’s how we arrive at the amazing fact that you get $240,000 in just 20 hours. And in reality, you can use more than one vial a month very easily.

What else can you think of that is so profitable so quickly and so easily?

If you know of other ways to make that much money with so few hassles and so little investment of money or time, please feel free to pursue those too. But there’s no way any dental professional can ignore the amazing ROI on Dentox courses. There’s no way any dentist who is needing continuing education anyway can justify spending their funds on any other kind of course if ROI is the primary factor to consider.

With Dentox Courses, the ROI is the big selling point, and the fact that Botox is something your customers will thank you for isn’t so bad either.