8 Harmful Ingredients in Toothpaste

You try to do the best you can for your health, and that includes your oral health.  Part of that includes brushing twice a day.  But have you ever stopped to look at the ingredients in your toothpaste?  Even if you have, it can be difficult to understand what all of those long words really mean.  The thing with ingredients that you can’t pronounce is that they usually aren’t good.  Let’s look at some common toothpaste ingredients a bit more closely.

  1. Fluoride – You may be asking what the big deal is about fluoride.  It strengthens teeth and prevents cavities, right?  Well, yes it does, but it is also found in pesticides and rat poison.
  2. Tin – If you see stannous fluoride on your ingredient list, it refers to a type of fluoride compound that contains tin.  If you use fluoride toothpaste choose one with another type of fluoride.  The most commonly used type of fluoride in toothpaste is sodium fluoride and is less toxic than stannous.
  3. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate – Also the related chemical sodium laureth sulfate are added to toothpaste, shampoo and detergents to help them clean more effectively and to create suds.  It is also linked to cell degeneration, ulcers and skin irritation.
  4. Triclosan – This chemical is found in many antibacterial products and has been shown to help prevent gingivitis.  However, it is also used in some pesticides and has been linked to hormone disruption.  It may also be contributing to antibiotic resistant bacteria, and there is evidence that triclosan may contribute to allergies.
  5. Propylene Glycol – The active ingredient in so-called nontoxic antifreeze.  While it’s not as toxic as ethylene glycol, it has been linked to abnormalities in heart, liver, kidneys, and central nervous system.
  6. Diethanolamine (DEA) – Another foaming agent, repeated exposure has been linked to increased risk of liver and kidney cancers.
  7. Carrageenan – This red seaweed extract has been used as a food additive for centuries and is a vegetarian alternative to gelatin.  What’s wrong with that, you ask?  Carrageenan is linked to inflammation, particularly in the bowels, and some evidence suggest that it could be linked to certain cancers.
  8. Artificial sweeteners – Brushing your teeth is a bit of a chore, having a toothpaste that at least tastes good helps.  The problem is that most commercial toothpastes are sweetened with artificial sweeteners such as saccharin, sucralose or aspartame.  All of these sweeteners have been linked to a whole host of health issues, including brain tumors and lymphoma.  Look for a toothpaste that is either unsweetened or is sweetened with xylitol, which is also a cavity fighter, or stevia.

I hear you saying you don’t swallow your toothpaste, but even if you don’t (and swallowing small amounts is nearly unavoidable), many of these chemicals are easily absorbed into the skin, especially the thin skin inside the mouth.  If you are concerned with your toothpaste, you can try your hand at making your own.  A very simple, yet extraordinary toothpaste you can make from home, involves mixing a bit of baking soda with a bit of coconut oil.  Add a bit of xylitol (available at your local health food store) and a few drops of essential oil or flavoring oil for taste, but these are not strictly necessary.


4 Reasons to Have Mercury Fillings Removed

It’s a well-known fact that mercury is incredibly toxic and should be strictly avoided.  So why, then, do dentists continue placing this known toxic substance in people’s mouths?  You may recall Alice in Wonderland’s Mad Hatter.  The hatter’s madness was caused by extensive mercury exposure that was part of his profession.  Hatters of the day used mercury to cure the felt used to make the hats and the process inevitably resulted in the hatter inhaling the mercury fumes.  Hatters frequently experienced deteriorating cognitive functions and uncontrollable tics.  The symptoms exhibited by the Mad Hatter are just some of those that can be caused by mercury exposure.  Other symptoms include mental confusion and brain fog, birth defects, degenerative neurological disease, autoimmune disease and others. In stark contrast are the holistic practitioners – the dental discipline dedicated to removing mercury.

amalgam filling composite filling

In the book Healing the Gerson Way, Charlotte Gerson stated that mercury fillings release mercury by chewing, drinking and swallowing.  These activities release very small amounts, but it is done so nearly continuously and the toxin is absorbed by the lungs and digestive system and from there goes into the bloodstream.

While the number of dentists who use mercury fillings has dropped, there are still many that do, and many thousands of people who have them.  If you are one of these, here are four reasons to consider having them removed.

  1. Mercury fillings are highly toxic.  The EPA estimates that dental offices are responsible for approximately 50% of all mercury pollution in public water supplies.  Many people who have had mercury fillings removed have experienced dramatic and positive changes in their health, including relief from digestive issues, asthma, skin conditions, and congestion.
  2. Mercury fillings tend to expand and contract slightly, which can cause further damage to the tooth.  Left in place too long, the damage caused could be severe enough that it may be difficult or impossible to save the tooth.  Getting these fillings removed sooner rather than later can minimize this added damage.
  3. In some areas, mercury fillings cost more.  Not always in the immediate term, but when you factor in the health issues caused by mercury and treating those issues, the long term cost of alternatives to mercury fillings is significantly less.
  4. There are alternatives that are just as strong and long-lasting that do not cause the health issues associated with mercury.  These include: Resin Composite, Glass and Resin Ionomers, Porcelain, and Gold alloys.

Replacing your mercury fillings with one of these alternatives is an investment, but it is a worthwhile investment that will pay major dividends in terms of better health.

To read more about the holistic approach to mercury amalgam removal, visit:



Gum disease is far more common in the United States than most people realize, but there are easy ways to combat it.  When gums are healthy, they lay tight against the teeth with little space.  When they are not healthy, they pull away from teeth slightly, creating space where bacteria can grow. Gum disease cannot be self diagnosed, regular checkups at your local dental office are highly recommended.

There is some controversy, but there is research that suggests a link between periodontal disease and disease in other parts of the body.  Though some well-respected organizations discount the link and it may be many years before science answers the question, there is no reason not to work to reduce bacteria and prevent gum disease.

There are some things dentists can do to treat gum disease, but they aren’t very pleasant. Dentists can do a deep scaling to remove plaque and bacteria from under the gums.  Many people end up having this procedure done every year or even twice a year, simply because they do nothing in between to prevent the problem from recurring.  For severe gum disease, dentists may trim the gums back.  This is effective, but it can cause sensitivity and pain.

There are many things that you can do at home to stop gum disease, some of which you may have never heard of.  Most dentists educate patients on caring for their teeth, but many of them neglect to educate patients on caring for their gums.  Dr. Vinograd recommends the following tooth/gum care routine:

  1. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush with either water or homemade toothpaste to brush into the gums and remove bacteria from any spaces.
  2. Apply toothpaste (preferably homemade) and brush teeth.
  3. Use dental floss to remove plaque and bacteria from spaces the toothbrush doesn’t reach.

Brushing is great, but it’s not the only thing you can do to prevent or stop gum disease.  The bacteria found under the gums is anaerobic, meaning that it is killed by oxygen.  Introducing oxygen to the space under the gums where they grow can help prevent gum disease, and a great way to do this is using a waterpik to irrigate the mouth with ozonated water.

Some things to keep in mind in choosing and using an ozonator and waterpik:

  • Getting the hang of a waterpik takes time, don’t give up!
  • Find a 1,000 mgh ozone machine to oxygenate water in 15 minutes.  Less powerful machines can take much longer to sufficiently ozonate enough water to clean your mouth.  Also be sure your machine has a Corona discharge.
  • Be sure to ozonate in a well-ventilated area.
  • Find a waterpik with a water reservoir, most travel models won’t have them.
  • Use the middle setting on the pick, as high pressure can damage gums.
  • Don’t wait until gums disease develops or gets bad.  Using these methods when your gums are healthy can keep them that way.

Following these steps in addition to thorough brushing of both teeth and gums can prevent, halt and in some cases even reverse gum disease and can shrink pockets under the gums by as much as 2 mm.  This may not seem like much, but it may mean being able to avoid a painful procedure to treat disease.

These strategies should be used in conjunction with, not instead of, regular care by a dentist.  A dentist who places a priority on gum care can ensure that bacteria are being effectively removed as well as checking for decay and any other issues.

If you are a San Diego resident, and would like help diagnosing your gum health, visit www.brightondentalsd.com

Dental Gum Disease

Gum Disease Infographic by Brighton Dental San Diego

ROI on Dentox Training Courses

trained botox injection

trained botox injection

If you’re looking for a great return on your continuing education investment, look no further than a Botox course from Dentox.  When you offer Botox and injectable dermal fillers, you carry absolutely no liability and even if you only perform the procedure three times a year, you realize a profit.

Let’s break it down.  The cost of a 100 unit vial costs you less than $600.  Your profit on that 100 unit vial is easily $1,000.  It takes about 5 minutes or less to inject all of that into different sites.  Even if you only do this once a month, all told you spend about an hour a year to make $12,000.  Multiply that by 20 years, and you make $240,000 in 20 hours worth of work, from a $1,500 investment in your practice and yourself.  If you can find a greater return on anything, I want to know about it.

Figure in the fact that Botox has very few side effects, the associated risks are minimal in most people, and the results are temporary.  The temporary nature of Botox means that, even if you do make a mistake, the effects will wear off shortly. It also means that many of your Botox patients will come back multiple times a year.

There is a certain amount of time spent on each patient on simple administrative functions.  Because Botox only takes a few minutes, these activities take about as long as the actual procedure.  As a dentist, when you offer Botox to patients who are already in the office for their regular check ups, many of these things are already being done anyway.  Your patients will love the convenience of not having to make (and take time off for, and travel to) a separate appointment.

Let’s compare this to some other courses you might choose.  If you take a good course on placing implants, the course and the equipment is going to run you somewhere between $25,000 and $50,000.  This is just the course and the equipment.  Then you add in lab fees and implant materials.  What are the ramifications, for you and your patient, of badly placed implants, or those that don’t take properly?  How often does this happen?

Consider a CT scanner.  How many patients do you have to scan before your start to make a profit?  What are the ramifications of missed pathology?  What about the potential for risks of excessive radiation?

As you can see, there are a lot of things you can offer your patients, but nothing is more profitable or as low-risk as Botox training.

Reference: http://dentox.com/botox-edu-news/roi-dentox-courses/

Great Philosophies That Use To Education

You ought to strengthen your associations with your professors during their office hours. One of the most logical methods is to stay in higher college and get your diploma. You ought to also have strong interpersonal skills.
Everything has a philosophy that can be utilized to it. You can place your personal spin on any event you encounter in your personal lifestyle. How about applying philosophies to your education? It is some thing that is very essential; consequently, you should look for numerous ways to get the most out of your learning experiences. Let’s talk about examples.

Also linking Muslim schools to the class of voluntary agencies interested in educational development, Eke, et al (2000:46) defined that the Izalatil bid’a Wa Iqamatis Sunnah group, the Jama’atu Nasrul Islam, is the Islamic Believe in of Nigeria (ITN) amongst other people have contributed immensely not only to the improvement of education but also to proper school records keeping in Nigeria. Here cognitive and efficient domains are extremely exhibited unlike community schools that deal with only cognitive area.

Bingo is the simplest format to make and play because everyone understands the sport. The bingo taking part in cards can be the traditional twenty five spaces with a Free Space in the middle. Nevertheless, other sizes function nicely. I like to use just 9 spaces when taking part in with extremely younger kids, or if I want to put a larger picture or much more information in the area. The skills that can be positioned on bingo video games is endless.

It is your duty to physically learn to do issues through personal software. You must begin performing what somebody exhibits you because you actually become competent at something by performing it in addition to viewing how it is done.

Once your kid is a few months previous, there is really no limit to the amount of benefit your child can get out of books. By reading to your kid every day, you will teach her new ideas and introduce her to a variety of figures, animals, locations, colors, and concepts that will be useful as she develops. In the meantime, if your baby likes the books and you study them in a fun way, she will quickly come to realize that publications are enjoyable. This may mark the starting of a lifelong reading habit.

Deciding to go to school following the age of 50 can be a challenging choice. The problem of altering your way of life which has turn out to be a habit can make you decide to just neglect it. However, heading for it can prove to be the most rewarding factor you could do for yourself.

Volunteers will work in groups to establish tasks with the colleges that PED companions with. By signing up for a volunteer trip, you will have the chance to witness how Pangea Educational Improvement’s undertakings make it possible for the college students residing in Uganda to get an education.
A kid has learned what multiplication is but has problems memorizing the 6 and eight occasions tables. It ought to be kept by teachers and cheeked and endorsed by the headmaster. Where is the very best place for your kid?

Music Education In College Can Help Children Enhance Studying Capability

Keep the doorway to your thoughts open up at all occasions. The solution is that education authorities have to make a practical choice. Do you plan summer outings to character centers or parks?
Buying a baby present can occasionally feel like a genuine chore. This is because there is so a lot to select from. Nevertheless if you are looking for something that will keep an infant amused for hrs on end, you may like to consider purchasing 1 of the numerous baby rattles that are for sale.

Do you believe a globe-class athlete waits until the last-moment to cram in the kind of strength training that guarantees them the gold? Or does the Olympic athlete meticulously teach right up till the large working day, in addition to fueling their bodies with the ideal meals and consume to enhance their performance at the very cellular level?

When it arrives to kid custody you need to think about your child at all occasions. Where is the best location for your kid? Who will be able to provide the most nurturing house? How about education? Where will the kid be able to receive the most support for their educational development? Who will be a better role design? Which home is healthiest for the child?

For initial-time parents particularly, studying children’s books helps immerse you into the world of children’s tradition. If all goes nicely, by the time your kid is previous enough to fully comprehend books, you will have a distinct feeling of what types of publications, figures, stories, themes, and messages you want your child uncovered to. It will also help you weed out any publications that you do not want in your child’s collection.

I stored on speaking about learning the guitar for about a year. I was finally in a position to convince her to consider me to a songs shop exactly where they sold devices. And there it was, hanging up on the wall.

Good conduct will permit you to have more fun at school. The less time you invest serving a punishment, the more enjoyable you will have; moreover, you should not want your classmates to ridicule you for standing in the corner or taking a journey to the principals office.

Babies love to place items into categories, particularly at about nine months. A form sorter is an educational toy that will help to develop your baby’s fine motor abilities. Even though a shop purchased toy might be fun to start with, the novelty will quickly put on off. It is easy to make your personal shape sorter at home rather, for extremely little cost. Offer your infant with different objects or meals reduce in little items and little containers to place them in. Inspire your infant to sort the items by color or form.

It is an error to be too happy to get assist to improve your grades. If you battle with a topic, get tutoring or invest time with your teacher when your class is not in session.
A head begin in literacy skills is an advantage children can have into the relaxation of their lives. The label then defines the child rather of the actions of the kid providing the defining characteristics of the child.

Most Affordable And Cheapest Deals On All Cheap North Park Hotels

Additionally find many big name retailers as well two-story outdoor mall. Right here is the best destination for the biggest fish in San Mikka. It can be found at 2384 San diego county Avenue.
Looking for the best and most fun San Diego events? San Diego festivals are plentiful with furniture from festivals celebrating avocados to celebrations about iconic cars coming from a past. Each year, San Diego hosts dozens of fun festivals. Here are three all-time chosen.

Old Town: One can click on various theme shops and visit the museums to obtain a glimpse of the rich cultural heritage of discover. The shops are unique and sell various rare curios and artifacts.

Normally tour guides are fountains of reports. But these tour guides not only knew their stuff, but had audio clips that served as jokes too. Sitting on a trolley any bit more fun than landing on a coach bus.

Sea World: This may be the topmost attraction for many people. The Sea world in North park offers views of Orca Whales, Pilot Whales, Beluga Whales, Manatees, dolphins, Penguins and a whole lot. It also has various joy rides that it is easy to hop into and relish.

Birch Aquarium: The Birch aquarium at Scripps is one of the least known of attractions. Occasion a research facility where people can easily see different regarding sharks like angel, horn and leopard. There is often a pool that enables people to Things to do San Diego and see animals involving their natural surroundings. The aquarium specializes in raising individual spectacular coral reefs. The aquarium programs a great view as it overlooks the ocean.

San Diego tours may take place with many elements when it comes to boating. Either for a first date or a night by helping cover their ones family, these services have no qualms with which demographic they serve. There exists actually much to see in this citys possess. In fact it be a decent idea to bring a camera in order to capture all the wonders usually are hidden throughout this fashion. Everything from aircraft carriers to naval ships and wildlife is buzzing around area that a lot of many people get to normally visit. That is the beauty of this type of products. They provide along with new eyes on where did they see their city.

If probable disappointment to travel and would certainly think prefer stay right in Dana Point, then there will still be plenty comprehensive. For instance, there are 17 restaurants and 23 parks in the area. Most of the restaurants are high-end, but there are some casual restaurants mixed because well. All the parks are free, and great places for walking and riding. You could essentially spend your entire trip going to the parks. That’s not all there is actually by do in Dana Link. You can also golf, go horseback riding, jet-ski, windsurf, surf and boogie-board.

If you could have only 1 day to submit San Diego, this may be the tour you want to take. It is reasonable and it covers everything worth consulting with. Plus you get to decide where you wish to spend one of the most time.
This free annual event is one of San Diego’s largest street festivals. You can get an all-day pass and listen to more Things to do San Diego than you could by car. Vacationing in San Diego, needn’t always can be expensive.

San Diego Attractions – A Vacationer’s Paradise

You will find San Clemente Beach, Laguna Beach and Newport Those. There is an international paradise prepared to be explored, so say “Si” together with day in Mexico. San Diego is one among America’s finest cities.
San Diego is renowned for its history and nightlife, but there’s plenty to throughout the cooking . kids happy as. From zoos and theme parks to endless beaches and year-round sunshine, you’ll find enough San Diego family fun to thrill everyone at vacation time.

Sea World is another hit kids of almost any age. Home to Shamu the killer whale as well as other marine animals and exhibits, Sea World offers families a glimpse of marine life they’ve never seen before.

Old Town Trolley Tours might just be your reaction. It was ours. These tours are San Diegos only regularly scheduled on-and-off, fully narrated tour of San Diego and Coronado. Colorful anecdotes, humorous stories and historical information are combined best suited fast paced, two hour narrative that could both entertain and practice.

Kids love to build, imagine, create and only have exciting. Legoland California lets them possess a blast, and lets you act Things to do San Diego be a kid once more. Located just north of San Diego, a good many park created from Lego blocks. With exciting rides, a waterpark and regarding fun activities, mark Legoland on your calendar to order day of San Diego family interesting.

At SeaWorld San Diego, you can see and come in contact with dolphins, sea lions, whales, sharks and other sea people. You can watch the dolphins and sea lions do their tricks close up and additionally you can interact together by touching them or even swim with them. You can also see different aspects of sea creatures like turtles, clown fish, star fish and countless others. They also have different associated with rides inside like Bayside Skyride, Abby’s Sea Star Spin, Shipwreck rapids and Riptide Save. All you have to do is pay with a day and you can now play all year. Imagine using the same coupon and with it for 12 months!

Old Town: One can visit various theme shops and visit the museums to obtain a peek at the rich cultural heritage of the place. The shops are unique and sell various rare curios and artifacts.

As well as family is torn between exciting excursions, historic America, exotic adventure or an exotic paradise, visit San Senke. The variety of San Diego attractions increases the best regarding worlds in a single vacation hot spot.
Here you will find historical examples of police equipment, vehicles and badges. This celebrates Earth Day in April with over 350 exhibitors, live entertainment, and activities. Old Town Trolley Tours might just be your product.

The High School Diploma Test

Grade Stage Typical several occasions, which is all A’s for each course. College is filled with a prosperity of resources that you need to consider benefit of. On the contrary, studying is natural, simple, and cannot be avoided.

Is a higher college diploma in your long term? If not, ask your self, “Why?” Many work in today’s society require a high college diploma. The earning energy for a graduate is a lot greater compared to that of a dropout and the possibilities are limitless for those with a diploma.

So, should you take an ACT on-line or classroom program? It can be costly in both time and cash. Nevertheless, practice periods, taking sample exams, review of weaker locations of concern and tracking of your scores during this course is helpful.

From your past experiences in using exams, figure out what the weak locations are and function on those. By looking for out lecturers or counselors you can ask for guidance on how to improve in those areas. Consider sample exams, evaluate the results and maintain screening and reevaluating.

A evaluation of the weaker region(s) of problem can help with the content material of the ACT, this kind of as vocabulary phrases or brushing up on geometry, trig, or algebra problems.

There are different sorts of camps to choose from. There are Academic camps which lay emphasis on educational development. 1 such camp is Seacamp Affiliation, Inc. Florida. Sports activities camps are also well-liked. One this kind of is ‘Trapeze College New York – Bean Town’, Massachusetts. The individuals can discover juggling, fly on the trapeze and other tricks from the circus that comes to town. There are also sports activities camps giving them coaching in soccer and basketball. There is also 1 at Pennsylvania, “Sixers”. There is traditional vamp at California called, ‘Camp Ocean Pines’. There is camp for Performing and Good Arts situated at ‘Long Lake Camp for Arts, New York. There is an additional camp for Carrying out and Good Arts at Berkley.

There is no restrict to what can be learned independently. Lecturers do not really educate anything. The very best ones use the all-natural novelty of a topic to encourage someone to discover. They can also tutor motivated college students. But they can’t really trigger studying. The worst types destroy all inspiration to discover. Poor educating may cause a child to turn out to be so damaged that the child may come to think that studying is not possible.

Academic programme of establishments are based on authorized syllabus of the program to be operate, it could be primary school syllabus, NTI syllabus for teachers colleges, WAEC/NECO syllabus and so on. the college require a syllabus to adhere to.

In conclusion, we have decided that kids are truly not much various from how we were. It’s good to know that our contemporary culture with all its technology isn’t turning out soulless robots wrapped up in their own small worlds, as some may lead you to think.
You will also obtain a composite rating, which is the typical of your four check scores (one-36). And 1 of them is the reality that this toy improves my baby’s motor skills. Dress up and faux play are nonetheless favorites.

Garcinia Cambogia – Stop Excess Weight Easily

These low carb meal replacements are definately not being empty meals that simply fill you up. With this, you need consume foods rich in iodine. After all, baby making process should preserve a loving environment.
Is there really such a thing as food is actually why fun, healthy, and delicious? So outlets think grub that’s good for you automatically takes all the fun out of eating. After all, healthy food can’t possibly taste good, can it? Of course it can!

You desire to avoid certain triggers and situations may lead to unhealthy eating avoid devices needed to can eat buffets and restaurants especially on daily basis).

Natural home cures help be free from of the nasty vagina smell. Live yogurt can be used by immersing a tampon into the yogurt and inserting it into the vagina to help restore the pH balance and natural flora among the vagina. Tea tree oil, apple cider, and vinegar are also effective. Douche it in the affected area to prevent itching, inflammation of the vagina, burning sensation and bleeding. Garlic can additionally be used being a suppository to neutralize the fishy vagina smell.

Osteoarthritis is the most common form of this disease. This condition can affect any joint, which already been subject to excessive wear, through age or persistent and heavy usage. The joints people body might be compared to mechanical device. The better these maintained, and also the less they are abused much better will they serve your entire family. Motor cars could be a good for instance. The more regularly they are maintained and serviced, granted they final in excellent condition. Deny them oil as well as will breakdown. So will the body if do not need keep it topped develop the proper nutrients for instance cider apple cider vinegar.

I’m sure that is definitely the key factor of every successful weight reduction. You need to make your plant decision a person can will lose body weight, and a person have to stick to it no matter what. Weight loss eating habits are a long-term project it’s like various other addiction treatment and without strong determination and effort you simply cannot be very successful.

Apart with all the above methods for burning calories, there are a couple other activities doing which we start burning calories unknowingly. Such as a mother or perhaps a person it does not knows that chasing after these little ones can burn calories. The number probably is based on just how wild that kid is, but however certainly quantify. Hey, if nothing else, even sleeping burns calories. You could be using up 45 for under an time! But that’s not an excuse to rest! Actually being active as almost as much as you can is the master key to weight loss success and also leading your life. No dieting or medicine can cover inside requirement of physical activity or exercise if you are looking at a healthy lifestyle or a beneficial shape of the body.

Whenever folks option, with regard to stairs rather than elevator. Stairs can end up being a great come up with for numerous of your limbs and it can actually burn lots of calories. With no much time for exercising throughout your day, this can be a great in order to fit some exercise in.

There are much more in order to minimize acne, but maintaining a healthy lifestyle and diet could be the best one to consider. That may affect bad habits will reward you with good health and clearer face. You may find this difficult at first, but as you go on, you will adapt with them.
Diastolic pressure increases until about 55 years of age, it begin to say no. Most of all, be honest and be careful enough sustain a healthy lifestyle. Hey, if nothing else, even sleeping burns calories.