4 Reasons to Have Mercury Fillings Removed

It’s a well-known fact that mercury is incredibly toxic and should be strictly avoided.  So why, then, do dentists continue placing this known toxic substance in people’s mouths?  You may recall Alice in Wonderland’s Mad Hatter.  The hatter’s madness was caused by extensive mercury exposure that was part of his profession.  Hatters of the day used mercury to cure the felt used to make the hats and the process inevitably resulted in the hatter inhaling the mercury fumes.  Hatters frequently experienced deteriorating cognitive functions and uncontrollable tics.  The symptoms exhibited by the Mad Hatter are just some of those that can be caused by mercury exposure.  Other symptoms include mental confusion and brain fog, birth defects, degenerative neurological disease, autoimmune disease and others. In stark contrast are the holistic practitioners – the dental discipline dedicated to removing mercury.

amalgam filling composite filling

In the book Healing the Gerson Way, Charlotte Gerson stated that mercury fillings release mercury by chewing, drinking and swallowing.  These activities release very small amounts, but it is done so nearly continuously and the toxin is absorbed by the lungs and digestive system and from there goes into the bloodstream.

While the number of dentists who use mercury fillings has dropped, there are still many that do, and many thousands of people who have them.  If you are one of these, here are four reasons to consider having them removed.

  1. Mercury fillings are highly toxic.  The EPA estimates that dental offices are responsible for approximately 50% of all mercury pollution in public water supplies.  Many people who have had mercury fillings removed have experienced dramatic and positive changes in their health, including relief from digestive issues, asthma, skin conditions, and congestion.
  2. Mercury fillings tend to expand and contract slightly, which can cause further damage to the tooth.  Left in place too long, the damage caused could be severe enough that it may be difficult or impossible to save the tooth.  Getting these fillings removed sooner rather than later can minimize this added damage.
  3. In some areas, mercury fillings cost more.  Not always in the immediate term, but when you factor in the health issues caused by mercury and treating those issues, the long term cost of alternatives to mercury fillings is significantly less.
  4. There are alternatives that are just as strong and long-lasting that do not cause the health issues associated with mercury.  These include: Resin Composite, Glass and Resin Ionomers, Porcelain, and Gold alloys.

Replacing your mercury fillings with one of these alternatives is an investment, but it is a worthwhile investment that will pay major dividends in terms of better health.

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